The Best of Paul Iorio.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Lyrics, MP3s, cover art and other great stuff coming very soon to this website!

for now, lyrics can be found at; just scroll down to the name of the song!

And for those interested, here's my discography:

For those interested, here's a discography of my own recordings, consisting of 193 songs composed, performed, arranged, produced and originated solely by me.

Here goes:

-- “The Best of Paul Iorio”: 2013

-- “'I’m an Infidel' (and other songs)": 2013
(copyrighted as “Ain’t That All (and 18 Other Songs).”

-- "'Three-Legged Chair' (and 18 others)": 2012

-- “'Zip Code of the Moon' (and 28 others)”: 2011

-- “130 songs (Parts 1 to 6)”: 2010

Prior to 2010, I released some of my songs on cassette tape
in walkman-produced sessions (or in inadequately performed sessions
for compact disc).

Hence, the following recordings have been scuttled and no longer
circulate publicly. They are:

-- “12 Song Demo”: Released in mid-1998 on cassette tape, all these
songs were later re-recorded for “130 Songs.”

-- “Ten Years Ago:” CD single, 2001. My first try at a compact disc
recording. Recorded at Rodent Studios, S.F., with engineer Elton
Cuniffe handling the recording of my performance.

-- “About Myself (Parts 1 and 2)”: 2004. A double cassette-tape
package, my first real serious attempt at gathering many of the
songs I’d written over the decades. All 52 tracks were later
re-recorded for “130 Songs (Parts 1 to 6).”

-- “About Myself (Parts 1 and 2)”: 2005. The CD version. All
the same songs but this time recorded digitally – at Paramount
Studio in L.A., with my old schoolchum William Epps co-producing.
Unfortunately, everything was done in one or two takes, so I scuttled
this. Again, all these tracks can now be found, in re-recorded form,
on “130 Songs.”

-- “Lime Green Celery”: 2007. My first attempt at recording at my
home studio. Didn’t work out. All this stuff was later re-recorded
for “130 Songs.”

Between ’07 and early ’13, I also released numerous 4 and 6 song CDs,
and numerous singles, but those tracks have since been put on one
of my main albums.